Aug 26, 2021

English Learners and Their Positive Effect on School Culture

In this episode, I spoke with Brianna Smit, CESA 10 English Learner consultant.  Please listen as Brianna talks about ways English learners positively effect school culture and ways all educators can have an impact on their success.

Jul 28, 2021

Research, Inform and Discuss

In this episode, I had the pleasure to speak with Rob Henken, President of the Wisconsin Policy Forum. Rob has authored or co-authored five reports that won national awards from the Governmental Research Association. Rob recently was honored as the 2019 Person of the Year by the Milwaukee Rotary Club and received the 2019 Ally award from the Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee. He also was named one of Milwaukee’s 100 most influential leaders and one of Milwaukee’s “Game Changers.”  Rob has a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Brown University and a Master’s in Journalism and Public Affairs from American University. 

Jun 29, 2021

10 People Who Helped Shape My Thinking in 2021 - Kevin Honeycutt

This episode features teacher, coach, consultant, author, speaker Kevin Honeycutt. Please listen in to learn why he is one of the 10 people who influenced my thinking in 2021. 

Jun 29, 2021

10 People Who Helped Shape My Thinking in 2021 - Mike Thompson, Deputy State Superintendent

In this episode, I had the pleasure to talk with Mike Thompson, Wisconsin’s Deputy State Superintendent.  Please listen to learn about why Mike is one of the 10 people who helped shape my thinking in 2021!

Apr 28, 2021

AESA Communities

Today I had the opportunity to talk with Beth Kabes, Platform Lead for the Association of Educational Service Agencies, the national organization providing professional support, networking and learning activities for educational service agency employees and board members.  During our conversation, Beth shared ways that the AESA online communities are providing opportunities for AESA members to share, network and learn from each other.

To learn more about AESA Communities, register and begin to connect, go to 

Apr 12, 2021

Interview with the Safety Doc

In this episode, I spoke with Dr. David Perrodin.  David is an author, educator, researcher, professor, expert witness, consultant, host of The Safety Doc Podcast, and bicyclist. David received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he researched high stakes safety decisions in education, health care and the military. He has presented on PBS and wrote and directed a film about school safety. Dr. Perrodin has a passion for helping schools and companies design and implement safety instruction and threat reporting tools that are accessible to students with special needs.

Feb 9, 2021

Working to eliminate the opportunity gap for students in Wisconsin

Today I spoke with John Gaier, Superintendent for the School District of Neillsville and President of the steering committee for the Wisconsin Association for Equity in Funding, a group of school districts advocating for financial equity in the state system of school financing. Listen in as John shares what is happening in Wisconsin to ensure that all students have equitable opportunities. 


For more information, visit


Jan 7, 2021

Lovingly crafted and unforgettably good

Today I had the pleasure to talk with Mary Jo Hanson, owner, founder, chef, and everything in between at Collycobble Confections. Before Collycobble Confections, Mary Jo ran the CESA 10 Foster Grandparent program, supporting countless children and seniors and making a positive impact on the learning environment day. Mary Jo's story provides a great example of the power of living with purpose and, in doing so, continues to model this for students and adults alike.


For more information about Collycobble Confections, visit their Etsy page at

Jan 4, 2021

STEM with an E (for Enthusiasm)

Kalli Peterson , 3rd Grade teacher at the Osseo-Fairchild Elementary School and Jennifer Peck, STEM Consultant at CESA 10 joined me for a WISE Conversation about Project Lead the Way.

Dec 15, 2020

Staying Positive

Today I had a conversation with Nick Grunseth, special education teacher at Chippewa Falls Senior High.  This was our second conversation since Nick's transition to education following a notable career as a local meteorologist. Please listen as Nick shares how he and his colleagues have adjusted to the challenges brought about by the pandemic. I think you will sense the same high degree of optimism and passion that he demonstrated in our first conversation a year ago.

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